Fostering ‘Us’ vs ‘Them’ thinking in our children…

“Children who learn cooperatively (compared with those who learn competitively or independently) learn better, feel better about themselves and get along better with each other.” -Alfie Kohn, author of No Contest: The Case Against Competition.

What lead us all to a generation that suffers from the popular ‘Selfie Syndrome’ ? A combination of simple things like reduced unstructured/unsupervised outdoor playtime for kids, over scheduling of kids with extra curricular activities, raising kids to win the competition and much more. How can we raise kids to be Unselfie? Per Michele Borba, parents can accomplish this via a combination of simple strategies like exposing kids to diverse literature from early on, encouraging them to have a diverse group of friends, teaching them to always focus on similarities vs differences between themselves and the people they encounter in their daily lives , placing emphasis regularly on collaboration and cooperation vs competition, planning family activities and projects that encourage collaboration and teamwork, cutting down scheduled activities to provide free time for the entire family, etc. Michele Borba argues that empathy muscles need to be exercised regularly in our kids to strengthen them .

There isn’t any rocket science here but it is still a very important subject in today’s over scheduled, competitive world. Really enjoyed this chapter titled “Empathic children think ‘Us’ not ‘Them’” in #micheleborba ’s Unselfie.

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