Reading to cultivate empathy…

“Reading can make our kids not only smarter, but also kinder.”

“Research following more than 17,000 people from birth to age fifty discovered that their reading level at age seven was the most important indicator of their future socioeconomic status. Another study found that reading for pleasure at age fifteen was the most important indicator of the future success of the child.”

“Evidence shows that children who read exclusively onscreen are three times less likely to say they enjoy reading, a third less likely to have a favorite book and far less likely to be strong readers. So while electronic books are convenient and ‘all the rage,’ they don’t necessarily help our kids fall in love with reading, and that’s the very habit we hope they acquire.”

Really enjoyed the chapter on Reading to cultivate empathy in Michele Borba’s Unselfie, Why empathetic kids succeed in our All-About-Me world. I stayed away from kindle and other electronic reading devices for my kids so far but couldn’t really articulate the reason why I made this decision. The last quote above says it all. Now I have no doubts in my mind that this was a good decision.

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