Crafts with recyclable materials…

Art with recyclable materials: I collect recyclable materials like empty soda cans, plastic bottles, paper towel rolls, etc and store them in a big cardboard box. I throw in a few pipe cleaners, a roll of masking tape, a handful of rubber bands, a bottle of glue and some other interesting things like pom poms, buttons, google eyes, etc into that box. I like to call it my box of treasures. I take this box out every couple of weeks or so to keep my boys engaged while I catch a break with a book or finish up my chores. The key here, as I have learned from my own experience, is to not make this box available to them all the time because then they don’t want to do anything with it. I hide it from them and take it out only when I need to. And I am always impressed by their enthusiasm when I bring this box out. Their creative inventions from materials that we generally tend to toss away as thrash always inspire me. Here, they created what they called ‘rocket blasters’. I am not really sure what that means but I am impressed nevertheless.

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