Diwali Storyhour & Crafts at the library, organized by our family…

“What good is an idea if it remains an idea? Try. Experiment. Iterate. Fail. Try again. Change the world.” -Simon Sinek

Our family organized a Diwali Storyhour + Crafts at our library yesterday. This idea came to me a few weeks ago randomly, when I ran across a flyer for Diwali activity at the library in our neighboring town. I had my doubts and fears about doing this at that time because I never did anything like this before AND I am busy. It didn’t help at all that when I tried to socialize this idea among some local people I know several weeks ago, I discovered that most of them were busy and told me that they couldn’t attend the event because their Saturdays are packed with kids activities. I am a working mother and Saturday’s are the only days that were available to me for this.

Despite the initial setbacks, I decided to try and implement this idea of mine because our library never had a Diwali event in all the years that I have lived here, although all our neighboring towns have one every year. I felt strongly about changing that this year. I told myself that even if no one shows up, I can tell myself that I tried to do something good for my library and for my town. So, I went ahead with it, but with my intentions fully under check (personal fame vs community service), with my goal clarified (help bring free and diverse events to our library and town and inspire my own kids in the process) and with my expectations set realistically (no one may show up except our family and that’s ok).

The result was a fun afternoon spent with a diverse and creative group of kids of different ages and their parents. And this awesome feeling within that I did something good for my sacred place, my library. To my surprise, quite a few families, both Indian and non-Indian, showed up. My daughter lead the Diwali craft for the kids who showed up. It’s always rewarding to watch her do this. The boys were very excited that their mother and sister were leading this event and participated in all activities with much enthusiasm. They were my helpers with the set up before and with the clean up after. So glad I did this! I learned many lessons but most importantly, I learned that I may be too small to change the entire world but I can change a small thing in my world. I am left with this feeling of being blessed to have people in my life who listen to my ideas patiently and support me with their kind words and steadfast presence when I need them. It’s exciting to me that there is so much out there for me to learn, apply what I learned to my life and transform myself in the process. Life is beautiful!

Our library did not have a Diwali event until last year. We changed that this year.

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