Bookmail! A little reward for myself for making it through a tough week. Rewarding myself with books while going through stressful phases of life has by far been a very effective self care practice of mine. Ordering these books last week was kinda like reaching out and giving myself a big hug. As a working mother of three (twins for that matter), I have learned the hard way that taking care of myself is my basic responsibility. I need my cup to be full before I can give to my kids or anyone else in my life.

Last week was stressful for me as one of my boys caught a nasty virus that gave him high temps (103+ degrees) that lasted for 7 full days, definitely a few days longer than the regular viruses. I worried about him, felt helpless many times, imagined horrible things and worried some more, rearranged my daily life to attend to his needs and felt guilty about neglecting my other responsibilities, etc. Basically, I hit a slump with all the mindfulness and spiritual practices that I have been working hard at incorporating into my life. I felt like I sleep walked through my life last week, with a foggy brain that was scattered in many different places. My little boy was sick over the weekend as well so I was not able to catch much of a break for myself over the weekend too. But, I was able to catch short breaks, which allowed me tap into that serene and powerful space inside me. That is when I ordered these books online. I needed to pamper myself and reward myself for making it through a tough week. Instead of beating myself up for hitting a slump with my spiritual practice when I really needed it, I told myself that I am doing the best that I can at all times and hit the reset button again.

These books arrived yesterday. Most of them are holiday reads that I look forward to reading next month, depending on my mood at that time. I also ordered a couple of Christmas classics for all three of my kids, which also arrived last night. My little boy got rid of that nasty virus now and he is building his strength back slowly. I am looking forward to the good times ahead with these books, both with my kids and with myself.

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