A Painted Chair and A Tough Week…

This chair got a makeover recently and I love how it turned out. My boys decided that their rocking chair looks bland and they put their own unique, creative touches on it.

I absolutely love it when my kids come up with an idea on their own (without any nudging from me) and turn that idea into action by themselves (again, without my involvement). To me, this demonstrates courage, independence and confidence in themselves. Yes, they made a mess but I know that if I choose to concentrate on that part I might cause a damage to their creative/adventurous spirit. So, I chose not to focus too much on that part.

We have all had a tough week as a family with one of my boys being sick with flu like symptoms. He is still sick and miserable. Its been almost a week now but he is being monitored very closely by his doctors. I am stressed, worried, exhausted, sleep deprived and feel like I have been sleep walking through my days with my brain scattered in many different places. I am also scared to some extent because I am still recovering from my shoulder surgery, still in a lot of pain and still have only limited use of that arm, which makes me feel insecure about being able to take care of a sick child, who seems to be needing a lot of picking up because he hasn’t eaten much in a week and does not have the strength to walk. Then there is the additional, unnecessary drama from disappointing, even toxic relationships, which, despite my best efforts, I still get sucked into occasionally, when I am feeling vulnerable. There is clearly a LOT going on in my mind right now. But, after another rough night with my son, I slept in late this morning, with him right next to me and woke up a little before he woke up. Luckily, my other two kids decided to sleep in late today so I was able to get some quiet time for myself, which I used to tap into that calm space inside me. That is when I noticed this chair. It brought back the fond memory of my boys giggling, chatting and working together as a team just the week before, to decorate this chair to their liking. It reminded me once again that they are little only for so long. Someday soon, they will be adults with their own lives. They won’t even be living with me. I know I will miss them then. I know that I will then be looking at the imprints that they left behind for me (like this chair) and unlocking those precious memories that I am presently tucking away in safe corners of my brain. This too shall pass.

This past week also reminded me of how blessed I am to have three healthy children. If I am stressed with one of them fighting a virus, I cannot imagine what the parents of children who have chronic conditions are facing. My heart is filled with gratitude for the abundant blessings in my life.

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