The Boy Who Cried Wolf by B.G.Hennessy…

This tale has been quite popular across various cultures around the world. In fact, I grew up hearing a slightly different version of this story (a goat herder and a lion) from my father. It has a great lesson about honesty for young kids. This particular version that I checked out from our library recently, has bright illustrations and there is a fair bit of humor sprinkled around in the text to captivate the young readers. It also came with an audio CD. We haven’t had a chance to listen to the CD yet but we have checked out books with audio CD’s before and my boys really enjoy listening to their stories (repeatedly) in the car.

Reading this story to my kids brings back fond memories from my own childhood, of curling up with my father in our family bed at the end of the day and begging him to tell ‘one more story’. Growing up in India, we did not have access to picture books as the children here do. But, my father was an expert story teller and he used to narrate stories (some popular tales and some made up by him) to me and my sister, using different voices and adding his own humor to them. I remember looking forward to this bed time story ritual everyday as a child. This particular story was told to me many times in many different voices and I never got tired of it. Looking back now, I feel that my father played an important role in giving me this love for stories that transformed into a love for books later on in my life.

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