Seven Blind Mice by Ed Young….

“The Mouse Moral: Knowing in part may make a fine tale, but wisdom comes from seeing the whole.”

A cute picture book with a simple message. Six blind mice discover various parts of an elephant and assume them to be something else, until a seventh blind mouse, a white mouse, travels the elephant from one end to the other and is able to put the whole picture together, to be able to conclude that it is an elephant. My boys love to recollect the entire book in the last page and repeat which mouse found which part of the elephant and what they assumed it to be.

As an adult, it was interesting to see how each mouse had a different color and how the parts that each of them see in the elephant are painted in the same color as their bodies. So, for example, yellow mouse sees the elephant’s trunk, which is also painted in yellow. I couldn’t ignore the embedded wisdom in this, which I interpret as a closed mind will perceive things only the way it wants to perceive. It takes a colorless, white mouse to actually put together the whole picture. I interpret this colorless mouse as an open mind that is free of pre-conceived notions, which is able to see things for what they are, as they are, as opposed to trying to fit what it sees into its own closed walls.

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