What do you do with an idea?

What do you do with an idea? You give it your time and attention. You nurture it. You let your imagination fly, which would help shape up the idea. You may feel insecure about sharing your idea with others during its early stages. Your insecurities may even be confirmed by others’ inappropriate reactions to your idea. But you still choose not to give up because it’s YOUR idea, what do others know about it? You play with it. You carry it with you everywhere you go. You let it tickle you throughout the day. You make room for it on your bed. Until one day, something magical happens. Your idea unleashes itself into the world on its own and you soar with it for sometime. Then you stand back and watch as your idea changes the world around you.

What an amazing book! It’s a children’s book with a great message for adults also. The idea of depicting an idea as a bright orange object with legs is very, very clever. The illustrations are also engaging and clever. Especially, the illustrations in the last couple of pages where the idea unleashes itself into the world and the world suddenly becomes more colorful were simply superb. This book is a great conversation starter to discuss some big concepts with little kids in an age appropriate manner. As a creative adult and a mother who is inclined to raise creative kids, I absolutely love this book!.

What makes this even more special is the fact that we own this book and I took it out many times already just to read it to myself, let alone reading to the kids. I bought this book using a gift card that the boys received for their birthday. On that note, I love gift cards because they give me permission to make a trip to the bookstore, spend hours there leisurely browsing through the books and actually buy some books without feeling guilty about spending more of my money on books and without having to worry about the same books being available at lower prices online.

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