Raising a Spirited Child…

Are you raising a spirited child? I know from my own ongoing experience that it requires a whole other level of dedication to raise a child who is highly sensitive, intense and rigid in their thinking. Some children come into this world hardwired this way. The same traits that make parenting so challenging are also the traits that make these children so extraordinary. I believe that these children have their own unique place in this world. The challenge is to raise them in such a way that they are able to fully embrace their intensity but also are equipped with ways to cope with it as they grow into caring, compassionate leaders and change makers. I have two other children who also require my time and attention so this is not an easy task by any means.

I read ‘Raising Your Spirited Child’ by Mary Sheedy Kurcinka at the end of last year and found it to be very useful. This beautiful poem that I shared in the picture is from this book. It inspires me on particularly challenging days. I hope it inspires other parents out there who are also raising spirited children.

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