A Bookish Cake by My Budding Baker…

A special “bookish” cake made by my daughter for her “bookish” grand father ❤️

She wears me out with her constant churn of creative ideas and her strong desire to execute them all. As her mother, I want to really listen to all of her ideas, give her as many opportunities as I can to execute her ideas and encourage her passions to the best of my abilities. I admit, I don’t always do that but I do my best. It’s hard work because I have two other passionate and energetic kids and it’s not easy to keep up with everyone’s energy levels. I do my best all the time and never give up.

From idea to execution, this cake was a labor of her own efforts. She was planning this for a few days before her grand father’s birthday, drawing pictures on paper, making ingredient lists, etc. The only help she got from her parents was with buying the ingredients that she asked for and helping her with the oven. As I sat down every night with a left over piece of this delicious cake, a cup of warm tea and a book, I felt a special kind of warmth and gratitude take over me. It’s all worth it in the end. I am truly blessed!

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