Vacation Begins…

“To read well, that is, to read true books in a true spirit, is a noble exercise, and one that will task the reader more than any exercise which customs of the day esteem. It requires a training such as the athletes underwent, the steady intention almost of the whole life to this object.” – Henry David Thoreau, Walden

A condo surrounded by scenic views of mountains, filled with books like Walden by Henry David Thoreau and Leaves of Grass by Walt Whitman and a quaint little writing desk with a table lamp – what more could a book worm ask for on her vacation? Can I send the kids somewhere else and enjoy some uninterrupted reading time, listen to the sounds of nature and go on long leisurely strolls through the numerous scenic walking trails around here by myself? Maybe I could sit at the beautiful writing desk that I was so excited to discover, watch the sun setting into the mountains, filling the sky with beautiful oranges, reds and purples and get inspired to paint or write something beautiful? I am in heaven ❤️

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