Another rock painting session with the boys…

Rock painting with my mother and my boys…I find rock painting to be an easy and quick self care activity that I am able to squeeze in during the day while taking care of my kids. When I need a short break during the day to regroup, I pull out a rock, my paint pens and sit down at the table working on it. I always keep a supply of rocks readily available for this activity. My kids almost always join me with their own rocks to paint.

Coloring is another such activity that also helps me relax and regroup, that I am able to easily squeeze in while taking care of the kids. But, somehow coloring does not generate the same interest in my kids as rock painting does. My kids are always ready to join me in rock painting and I use it to everybody’s benefit. We have made quite a few beautiful indoor and outdoor rock gardens/displays with all the rocks that we painted ❤️

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