Post Op Diaries…

My first book outlet haul…These beauties arrived recently, just in time to celebrate my four weeks post op milestone. I will admit, I spent quite a bit of my money on books to get me through various stages of this surgery (pre-op and post-op). This was supposed to be my final reward. I am staying away from book shopping for a while now. I am not making any promises though.

They say when the going gets tough, the tough get going. It’s been a tough week with the recovery as my hand gets stiff and tired by the middle of the day. The nanny that we hired to help me with the boys during my recovery period turned out to be utterly unfit for the job (a long story) so we had to fire her unexpectedly. The result of this is, I resumed my mommy duties full time this week and it’s not been easy as far as my recovery goes. I start out feeling great in the morning but my arm is tired and painful by the afternoon. I try to keep the afternoons simple until my husband comes home from work.

The boys keep telling me that they love spending time with their mama. They shower me with random hugs and kisses through out the day. They have also been telling me in their own ways that they are getting impatient with my hand being in the sling for so long. It’s been a tough week both mentally and physically but I know that I will never regret the time that I spend with my kids. Overall, I refuse to get sucked into the negativity barring a few moments of despair scattered around mostly in the evenings. There is so much in my life that I am thankful for, no matter what circumstances I am in. This too shall pass…

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