Book Review: Jilly’s Terrible Temper Tantrums…

Jilly is a little kangaroo who is prone to terrible temper tantrums. Jilly’s mom and dad use (what the author calls in her note at the end of the book) the Smart Love approach to managing Jilly’s behavior. In other words, they stay calm during Jilly’s terrible temper tantrums, validate Jilly’s feelings, speak words of love and assurance, always maintain a connection with a Jilly but at the same time hold their ground firmly without actually giving into her tantrums. After a few such episodes where Jilly gets upset for various reasons and her parents use the same Smart Love approach consistently each time, Jilly learns to go to her parents and ask for a hug when she gets upset. The point here is that at some point the child will learn to recognize the underlying feelings and try to take care of them in more positive ways provided they get the assurance from their parents that they are loved and accepted unconditionally, no matter how they behave.

This book is a great resource for a parent to teach behavior modification techniques to young children. It is also helpful for the parent to renew their own commitment to the Smart Love approach on particularly hard days. I own a copy of this book and read it many times to my boys. I take it out whenever I see patterns of difficult behavior emerging both from my side and/or from my children’s side. The illustrations are colorful and interesting to young readers.

Scroll through the pictures to read the author’s note at the end if this book. It is interesting and aligns well with gentle/peaceful/conscious parenting.

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