Harry Potter Day yesterday was a busy day as my daughter, who is an ardent Potter fan (she is reading this series for the second time now), teamed up with her friend and whipped up a few delicious dishes for all of us. We bought my daughter “The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook” as a gift for her tenth birthday. The girls picked a few recipes from this book in advance and shopped for them together with some adult help. Yesterday, they took over our kitchen and cooked for the whole family on their own, with very little help from me in operating the oven. They made a special Harry Potter Cake with mango lime filling (yum!), a vegetable stew and Irish Soda Bread. They also made small samples of poly juice potion and butter beer for all of us. One of the boys helped out with chopping vegetables for the soup. The other one didn’t show much interest in it yesterday but both boys enjoyed playing quidditch games using brooms that we bought for them at the dollar store. We had to postpone the wand making activity to another day in future because it was a busy day and everybody was exhausted. This will be more motivation for my daughter, who is a tireless generator of new ideas, to take charge and organize another Harry Potter Day for all of us. Looking forward to it already!

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