Our library haul this week was a bit more exciting than the usual for a few reasons. The main reason was we checked out a couple of playaways for the boys. Playaways are bookpacks with a preloaded audio book paired with print. I had to put one battery in each of the playaways and attach the boys headphones to them and we were good to go. The boys listened to them almost non stop for all of yesterday afternoon (barring nap time) and evening. They ate their lunch while listening to them which made me think of their teenage years 😄 When they woke up from their naps, they came downstairs, walked right past me, put their headphones on and started listening to their stories again. I know that the excitement of trying something new will die down eventually but I am very hopeful about these audio books. I plan to use them during longer road trips, nap time transitions, training the boys get some quiet time when they need it, etc. For now, I am really excited to share their curiosity and excitement about this.

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