Library Haul…

This week’s library haul…there are some exciting books in there. I will post some reviews soon. The boys are killing the summer reading challenge this year. They logged 30+ hours of reading time already and we are still counting. With the playaways now I think they will be logging more reading time. .

They get very excited about picking up their prizes every week. They have also earned quite a few raffle tickets. Being the gamblers that they are, they both consistently choose to put all of their raffle tickets in one jar only. One of them wants Piggy and Elephant soft toys and the other one wants PJMasks figurines. I bite my tongue every time and watch silently every time they dump all their raffle tickets in the same jar. I am keeping my fingers crossed for them. I sure hope they win their prizes. As a twin mom, I secretly hope that either they both win or they both loose 😃

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