Two Weeks Post Op…

Two Weeks Post Op Shoulder Surgery on my dominant hand (right hand): After logging almost a week of about 14000 steps on average (some on treadmill and some by walking around the house and the neighborhood), I decided to drive for the first time after the surgery yesterday. I have been given a green signal for driving a week ago by the surgeon’s office. But I wasn’t comfortable driving yet because my shoulder is still stiff and painful. Movement is still very limited in my right arm.

Yesterday, I sat in my car in the garage for a good 10 mins or so with one arm still in the sling and practiced turning the steering wheel both ways with my left arm. Then I took it out for a slow drive around our neighborhood by myself. I am still unable to use my right hand for driving. I raised my seat up and kept my right hand steady on the steering while using my left hand for turning the steering. Luckily, I have an automatic car so that helped immensely. After going around once in our neighborhood, I felt confident enough to drive another couple of miles to surprise my daughter by showing up at her bus stop. I know that I am not ready to drive on a regular basis and I am certainly not ready for highway driving or driving long distances yet. But it gives me some peace of mind to know that I can drive short distances when I need to. One step at a time!

Unfortunately, sleep evades me these days because I am off of all painkillers except regular over the counter Tylenol on an as needed basis. My shoulder starts hurting after a few hours of sleep. I can’t get comfortable in bed after the pain sets in. I have also been having a few moments of frustration here and there because of little things like not being able to put my hair up on my own the way I like it. I lose my mental balance during such moments and succumb to my strong emotions. Such moments are few and far between but they happen and I know that’s all normal. I remind myself to be patient with the recovery. I remind myself that I am surrounded by people who love me and are eager to help me. I also remind myself that some day in future I will be able to pick up my boys and also wrestle with them using my arms (they just love this). I am able to overcome those random moments of frustration quickly and look at them all as teaching moments.

One day at a time! There will be ups and downs but they are all teaching moments. Ultimately, I am building patience, compassion, grit and resilience. I am only getting stronger by the day!

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