Throwback Thursday…

Throwback Thursday: Reminiscing a trip to this quaint little bookshop (Shakespeare and Company) in Paris last year with my then 9 year old bookworm…

My daughter got herself a beautiful hardcover copy of ‘Illustrated Stories from Shakespeare’. I would like to add here that she chose this book on her own, without any prodding from me and then went on to finish it before the end of our trip. She also reread it again recently which tells me that she really liked it (yay!). I got myself a beautiful hardcover copy of ‘Le Miserables’. I am a bit intimidated my the sheer volume of this book but I am also excited about immersing myself in it, hopefully soon.

It was an exciting experience to browse the stacks of books inside this bookshop (which has fascinating history behind it) with my daughter. Looking at these books in my bookshelves now brings back fond memories of the quality 1:1 time that I spent with my daughter on our very first mother-daughter trip. We both cherish this experience so much that now it has become a tradition for us to get away once a year on our own, just the two of us ❤️

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