Chapter 15, The Awakened Family by Dr Shefali Tsabary

“Each moment offers us endless paths we could potentially follow, requiring us to become aware of our conscious and unconscious choices so that we can tailor our energy to match the desire we want to see blossom. Once we understand the power we have to choose, we take greater ownership of life. It’s in this way that grit, resilience, courage, and the creativity to live differently are born”

“Those who truly succeed in life are those who know to be anxious without letting their anxiety run them. The sacred responsibility we have as parents is to deconstruct the idiotic notion that as humans we shouldn’t feel anxious.”

True words of wisdom that apply not just to parenting but also to a whole hearted way of living. Of course, it IS normal to feel anxiety as parents about our children’s safety, their future, their well being, etc. The key is to be aware of that anxiety and not let it dominate our parenting. Instead, by being conscious of it, we create a space within ourselves to grow and transform into the adults that we want our children to grow up to be. Instead of yelling, screaming and punishing our children for not meeting our expectations of them, we are able to address problems that arise from a place of calm and full presence in the current moment. By doing so, we establish a heart to heart connection with our children which is more long lasting, positive and also productive in the long run. By nurturing this connection with our children from early on, we then are able to position ourselves as those anchors in their lives that they can lean on any time that they need to. Brilliant! I am really savoring this book, one line at a time ❤️

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