Bookmail: A Little Post Op Gift to Myself ❤️

These beauties finally arrived at my doorstep yesterday after several days of waiting. I bought them on amazon for a great deal. They were categorized as used books in ‘like new’ condition on amazon. Except for a small tear in the plastic wrap enclosing the package, they are really in a perfect condition. They took longer to arrive as I chose standard shipping options but they are well worth the wait. A little present to myself as I am recovering from a shoulder surgery ❤️ I do this often when I know that I need to face a tough or a challenging situation. I prepare myself mentally for it in advance first, do what I need to do to get my head wrapped around it (example: dig through my TBR pile) and then I give myself a big pat on the back afterwards in different ways, one of which is by indulging in buying books that I have my eyes on for a while 😃 Can’t wait to read them with my daughter!

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