Picture Book Review: Micawber by John Lithgow

This is another picture book with beautiful illustrations and a heart warming story that we really liked. Micawber is a squirrel who lives in Central Park. One day, he goes on an adventure of his own to the Metropolitan Art Museum. There, he observes an artist trying to replicate a masterpiece. He follows the artist to her home and hides there until she sleeps. He crawls out of his hiding space after the artist sleeps, uses his bushy tail as a paint brush and experiments with her oil paints. He returns to his home in Central Park in the morning with a happy heart and a few paintings that he made. He enjoys this little adventure of his so much that he goes on it several times after that and fills his home with his own paintings.

The illustrations by C.A.Pane are beautiful. The words used in this book provide a chance to expand our children’s vocabulary. Even the words used to describe the colors, like for example, crimson and vermilion vs red, brought out some welcome questions from my three year olds (I am already thinking of a simple color mixing project to do with them). The story itself is beautiful with a lovely message that art is mostly exploration and experimentation. This is definitely a great read aloud book. I am adding more John Lithgow’s books to my read aloud list.

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