Mexico Vacation Diaries…

I was trying to upload all the vacation pictures to make a picture book out of them when I noticed this picture. I took this picture on the day we landed in Mexico. The kids did not sleep at all on the flight despite the fact that they woke up super early that morning to catch an early morning flight. Needless to say, every body was exhausted. After clearing a long immigration line at the airport with two very cranky little boys, I began to doubt our decision to travel out of the country with twin three year old boys. But when we got to our suite at the resort, everybody had a sudden burst of energy. There was a recliner in the balcony with a great view of the ocean. I slumped on it for a bit while the kids were busy exploring the penthouse that we rented. One of my boys joined me soon after and both of us snuggled up for a bit talking about silly three year old stuff and enjoying the cool breeze from the ocean. He put his little feet on mine and helped me take this picture. It is simple, random moments of connection with my family that I cherish the most ❤️

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