Book Review: Chapters 1&2, The Awakened Family by Dr Shefali Tsabary

“When our children are allowed to relish each moment without constantly having an agenda thrust on them, they come alive to their native intelligence, heartfelt desires, and natural inclinations and interests. These are rooted in a child’s natural sense of the wonder of being alive and a belief in their life as a magnificent adventure, not in fear that they have to perform or life may pass them by. This is the case because the universe that birthed us arose from a potentiality that ever since has continued to express itself in an abundant array of manifestations, pouring forth untold energy on its creative journey.”

“The whole notion of needing to motivate our children to reach for their potential is misguided. Forcing a child, rewarding them, or using “tough love” to goad them into action produces short-term gains but ultimately backfires. The resentment that results can’t possibly uplift and inspire. Whatever it may succeed in achieving will therefore fall short of the child’s potential.”

“Most of the disconnection between parent and child comes down to this rupture between a life enjoyed moment by moment and a life that’s focused on moving ahead.”

Brilliant! I believe that this type of conscious parenting is a game changer when it comes to raising kids who are filled with unconditional love and acceptance for themselves. It is definitely not easy to parent with this premise in mind. The price is high. The rewards are great.

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