Picture Book Review : Erandi’s Braids by Antonio Hernandez Madrigal (Family Book Tour of Mexico)…

This was another great addition to our family book tour of Mexico. Erandi is a seven year old girl who lives in a village in Mexico. She has beautiful long braids that go up to her waist. She wants a doll and a dress for her birthday but she knows that her mother is struggling to find the money to repair the fishing net that she uses to catch fish for livelihood. So she settles for just a new dress. One day, Erandi and her mother hear an announcement about an opportunity to sell hair at the local barbershop. Mother takes Erandi to the barber shop so that mother can sell her hair there. But the barber tells her that he cannot use her hair because it is too short. He suggests selling Erandi’s hair instead. Mother does not want to sell Erandi’s hair. But Erandi volunteers to do it. She sells her long braids. The mother and daughter get enough money to buy a new fishing net and also the doll that Erandi wanted for her birthday. Mother feels sad and embarrassed about having to sell Erandi’s hair. Erandi assures mother that her hair will grow back quickly.

This is a sweet story about family, love and relationships. The illustrations are beautiful. This was such a new topic that my boys had a ton of questions. In hindsight, I wish I read this to them during the day, not before bed time because there were lots of questions. This book can be read to children in the 3-7 years age group I think.

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