Making Bean Soup and Rice Crispies with the Kids…

After reading the picture book titled “The Bean Soup” by Jorge Argueta, we decided to make the bean soup at home. We made a shopping list for the ingredients that we needed and made a trip to the grocery store to buy them. I gave a copy of the shopping list to each of the boys and asked for their help in finding them at the store. They did well overall despite a few 3 year old moments here and there.

Once we bought everything we needed, we came back home and made the bean soup together. The boys washed the beans, cut the garlic , put all the ingredients together in a pot (only after taking the time to smell and touch every ingredient), stirred the soup pot to their heart’s content and even washed the dishes afterwards. They took turns at the sink and also with the cutting board, with very little conflict here and there.

I was so encouraged by this that I decided to let the kids make rice crispies (my daughter’s idea) also. They made these on their own with very little help from me. My daughter used her creativity and made water melon themed rice crispies. We let everything cool off for a bit and headed over for a walk in the woods. When we came back, everybody was hungry and ready to eat the food that they helped prepare. We wiped the soup bowl clean and there were barely any rice crispies left after dinner. Even my picky eater tried everything! This confirms my belief that kids are more likely to eat the foods that they are involved in making.

I am at a stage in my life where I know that it is the simple everyday experiences that make life more meaningful and fill it with happiness and purpose. This was definitely one such experience for me. So blessed!

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