Book Review: Magic of Awareness by Anam Thubten…

I was disappointed to learn this morning that chapter 15 is the last chapter of Magic of Awareness. You know how when you are enjoying an experience you loose track of time and don’t want it to end? Listening to this book was that kind of experience for me. I listened to each chapter in this book twice in a row to grasp all the details. What a great way to start my days!

Unfortunately, no more of Anam Thubten’s books are available on Audible so I would have to find another teacher on Audible inspire me in the mornings (Pema Chodron??).

My overall rating for this book is ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Stars! Here are the golden nuggets of wisdom that I gathered from the last chapter of this book…

In Chapter 15 of Magic of Awareness, Anam Thubten talks about the scared-ness and meaning of life and what it means to be a devotee of life. When we meet a new person, we often meet them with our own pre-conceived notions and expectations of them. So, we never really meet that new person. We only meet our own pre-conceived notions, expectations and projections of them. Anam Thubten says this is similar to how most of us meet life. We have a tendency as humans to hang on to this notion of “my life”. We think there is my life and there is your life and miss the whole point of one-ness of life. As soon as we tag life as “my life” we have an urge to control it, to make it reach our expectations and meet our pre-conceived notions of it. But life is ever flowing. It cannot be controlled. We have absolutely no control over it. Anam Thubten compares life to white water rafting. One can enjoy white water rafting only when they learn to go with the currents of the river. Otherwise, they will be struggling to fight against the currents and never really enjoy the rafting experience. This is what happens to people who are resisting life and fighting it, always struggling to control it.

Anam Thubten also talks about Sacred Perception in this chapter. He says this is a perception that transcends all perceptions. It destroys all perceptions. Developing a scared perception allows human beings to meet life as is and trust it without this constant need to control it. This is the path to happiness. This is enlightenment. There is nothing else out there. This is it🙏🏼

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