Chapter 14, Magic of Awareness by Anam Thubten

Wow! Words, words, words! Beautiful, profound, life altering words ❤️

In Chapter 14 of Magic of Awareness, Anam Thubten explains what life really is. We often hear people say “my life is great” or “my life sucks”. What are they referring to when they say “life” here? They are referring to a bounded, finite version of life that is etched in their minds forever. But life is infinite, all encompassing, boundless. Life is enlightenment. Everything from the vast sky to the dust on the floor is life. If/When you wake up from your lifelong slumber, you realize that life is sacred no matter what your own current story lines or circumstances are like. Then you begin to feel this sacred connection with all of life that generates boundless joy and inner peace.

This brought up a memory for me. We were sitting in a “parking lot” kind of traffic with kids who were getting increasingly impatient. Every body was getting stressed out and the kids were acting up. Suddenly, I noticed the blue skies and the fluffy white clouds. I started imagining various shapes in those clouds. I pointed a baby shaped cloud and a mommy shaped cloud to the kids. They were super excited! We often play this game in the car even today. We have imagined everything from dragons and butterflies to babies and cars in the clouds.

The point here is any situation is only as bad or as good as we imagine in our minds. Once we stop our minds to notice the most insignificant things around us, we experience the joy, the inner relief that we all seek.

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