Ecstatic Compassion: Chapter 13, Magic Of Awareness by Anam Thubten…

“Yet there is compassion towards this temporary dream of duality. The dream is not going to last eternally. Believe it or not, the universe will provide us with much magic and many miracles to help us wake up. All dreams come to an end, it’s just a matter of time.”

In Chapter 13 of Magic of Awareness, Anam Thubten talks about the importance of developing ecstatic compassion. He brings up spiritual ego as the ego that may exist in spiritual people that may drive them towards perfection, thus making them loose compassion for themselves and for others who are not spiritually awakened. He says some times spiritual people tend to judge the rest of the world for not having awakened spiritually. This judgment then turns inward and they tend to judge themselves very harshly. Instead of being compassionate towards themselves when they make mistakes they tend to criticize themselves and strive towards perfection. Thus they loose compassion, for themselves and for others. He says that ecstatic compassion is intrinsic within us. It cannot be pursued. It allows us to understand that all things are perfect in this world just the way they are. It allows us to experience one-ness with all humanity, enlightened or otherwise.

Speaking from my own experience, it is very hard to find unconditional love, acceptance and compassion for people who are indulging in egoic behaviors when you are in the process of shedding your own ego. I found the teachings in this chapter to be very insightful in this sense. Ecstatic compassion is kinda like a mother’s love for a child. No matter how many mistakes a child makes, an emotionally healthy mother is able to find forgiveness and compassion for her child. One experiences the joy of ecstatic compassion when they are able to extend the same kind of love, compassion and acceptance to everyone in their lives, whether they are spiritually awakened or not. This does not mean that one should tolerate injustice or abuse. It just means that even the resistance to such behaviors should come from a place of complete understanding and acceptance of people who are indulging in such behaviors. So profound and beautiful ❤️

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