Chapter 12: Magic of Awareness by Anam Thubten

In chapter 12 of Magic of Awareness, Anam Thubten says that pure consciousness is inside all of us. When we pause in our lives, we create a gap in between our thoughts which is where all answers lie. This is nirvana for people seeking spiritual liberation. Pure consciousness is utterly peaceful. It is not tied to any belief system, religious or otherwise. It is always available for us to tap into in any situation. He says (and I can vouch for this) that spiritual awakening makes one realize how ridiculously fun life is. It also makes one wonder why anyone would not want to experience this?

Sadly, most of the humanity chooses to never tap into their pure consciousness, this invaluable resource they have been blessed with. Instead, most people choose to live their lives unconsciously, their thoughts and actions dictated by an egoic mind that is cluttered with rigid beliefs, thoughts and conditioning.

I will admit here that I also struggle to tap into my own pure consciousness some times because while it sounds very simple, it takes a lot of practice and commitment to do this. I tend to go into an unconscious mode when I am exhausted, my cup is empty and someone (usually my kids) is pushing my buttons constantly. I find it very hard to pause under such circumstances. Some times, the wheels of unconscious behavior are already in motion and I find it very hard to put breaks on them. Some other times, I realize the need to step away from a situation to get centered but I am unable to do so because my kids are indulging in behaviors that could be harmful to them and I don’t have another adult around to support me with my needs. I make mistakes that fill me with regret afterwards during such times. I have accepted that this is also a part of the spiritual journey. Instead of beating myself up about my mistakes, I take a pause after the fact in such cases, to reflect upon my mistakes, make the necessary amends and learn my lessons. I do the best that I can under every circumstance. As long as I am learning, growing and moving forward overall, despite some set backs here and there, I consider myself to be on the path to conscious living.

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