Book Review: The Conscious Parent

I truly devoured this book. I soaked up every word on every page. I shared lots of quotes from this book on social media already so there isn’t much that I can add here. All I can say is, as an avid reader, occasionally you come across a book that truly speaks to you. To me, this was one such book.

Dr Shefali Tsabary writes whole heartedly and authentically about what it takes to be a conscious parent. And she does this by stringing the words together so beautifully that my heart leapt up with joy on many occasions.

To raise conscious children, one has to become a conscious parent. There are too many people in today’s world who are living unconsciously and raising a new generation who is likely to live unconsciously as adults. Thus the cycle of unconscious living continues through generations. Raising conscious kids is no ordinary task. It takes a lot of commitment from the parents. And yet, it is also very simple in the sense that all you need to do as a parent is drop all the thoughts, the conditioning, the rigid beliefs that have accumulated in your mind over the years and just take life as is. Children are great teachers in this aspect because they always take life as is. This is why Dr Tsabary calls parenting a spiritual journey for both the parent and the child. The parent is in no way superior to the child in this journey. This does not mean that you become a permissive parent, although conscious parenting is widely misunderstood as permissive parenting. It just means disciplining is also delivered consciously with an authentic desire to help the child.

I also listened to Dr Tsabary’s podcast on Oprah and it was worth listening. I highly recommend this book to all parents. My rating is 5 big golden stars. I am waiting for her other book “The Awakened Family” to arrive in mail soon. Can’t wait to dive into that one.

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