Book Review: Goodnight stories for rebel girls…

My daughter and I read the first Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls book last summer. It has concise versions of biographies of girls/women around the world who broke the cultural and societal barriers to follow their hearts. My daughter usually does not enjoy reading biographies but to my surprise she really enjoyed this book. I found her reading this book again just a few weeks ago. So, I went ahead and bought the 2nd book in this series. We started reading it aloud together before bed time a few nights ago. The second book seems to have more stories of girls/women whose accomplishments are recent. The biggest surprise to my daughter was that it has a page on her favorite author – JK Rowling. I highly recommend this book series to middle grade kids. The books are priced a bit high (about $35 each) but I chose to spend that money and buy them both as opposed to borrowing them from the library because they seem to be more like coffee table books to me, which can be picked up randomly at any time and read repeatedly without getting bored (which is what I hope for my kids).

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