The experience of sacredness…

Sacredness is an experience, not a belief system that is being held on to rigidly, says Anam Thubten.

I had this scared experience this past weekend when in the middle of acres of strawberry fields, on an unusually hot morning, with sun burning my skin, I turned around to notice my three year old twin boys keenly observing some thing on the ground. They looked so engrossed in their experience together that I quickly took a picture of them (it’s a twin mom thing) without disturbing them and then walked over to them. I discovered that they were fascinated by a bumblebee. The scorching heat, the sweat pouring down my neck, my plans to fill my tray with strawberries as fast as I can so that I can get out of the sun quickly and also get my money’s worth, nothing mattered in that moment. It was just me, my boys, the bumblebee, the sounds of nature and the silence beneath it all. Then came this profound realization that my life is filled with many such moments of sacredness that I can choose to experience fully if I am mindful of them. So blessed!

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