Peter and the Wolf…

Peter is an adventurous little boy who wanders off into the woods by himself and finds different animals. His grandfather warns him about the dangers of wandering off by himself into the woods and brings him back home. Peter goes off on his own again but this time he has a rescue mission on mind. Everything ends well and Peter is successful in his rescue mission but grandfather can’t stop thinking about the “what if” scenario.

This is one of the books that I bought from our library’s used books section for 50 cents each. One of my boys likes to wander off on his own. This book gave me an opportunity to discuss the “what if” scenarios and reinforce some ground rules without scaring him. I was able to discuss both Peter’s perspective as well as his grandfather’s perspective with my son in an age appropriate manner. The story itself is engaging and the illustrations are colorful. My boys love this book!

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