Mindful Parenting: The Conscious Parent by Shefali Tsabary…

This makes sense to me. Raising a teenager is a journey that I am yet to undertake so by no means am I going to presume that I know anything about it. That said, I hear a lot of stories about teenagers acting up and shutting themselves down from their parents. Parents with teenagers often warn me that the tough years of parenting are yet to come. It feels to me that it is a universally accepted truth in the parenting world that teenagers are going to indulge in some dysfunctional behaviors no matter how they are parented. This is precisely the reason why I liked reading these lines. They put the onus back on the parent which I feel is the first step towards creatively solving the problem at hand. Besides, they keep me honest as a parent and help me take ownership of my own parental responsibilities. Even though I am not raising teenagers, when I notice some dysfunctional behaviors in my own kids, I turn inwards first to understand what I am doing or not doing to help my children overcome them. In this process, my children help me overcome my own dysfunctional behaviors 🙏🏼

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