Yoga for kids…

I bought this book recently to introduce my kids to yoga and breathing techniques. It has pictures of various yoga poses along with instructions to the parent on how to introduce them to kids of various age groups. All three of my kids love to do down dog, cat, cow, table, bridge, tree, child pose, etc. We have all been practicing flower breaths before going to bed for a couple of months now. My boys come up with all kinds of flowers like peanut butter flowers, cheese cracker flowers, etc. What a fun way to introduce yoga to young kids!

I have also had little success with having them practice lion breath during emotionally charged moments. This is tricky with kids because they generally don’t want to pause when they are all riled up but atleast my message to them is clear and consistent. And it is to take a mindful pause during such moments. Besides I follow what I preach to them. So, I hope that some day they will embrace this fully.

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