The process of unselfing: Chapter # 7, Magic of Awareness by Anam Thubten

The process of turning our attention inwards starts with the intention to do so. This intention comes to those who have had a glimpse of the process of unselfing, the process of achieving salvation in the current moment. This intention then leads to more inward attention. From here on begins the beautiful dance between selfing and unselfing, between awareness and unawareness. One moment we are selfing. The next moment we are unselfing. We move back and forth between “I am selfing now. Don’t come near me” to “I am unselfing now. Come here, let’s have a cup of tea”. In other words, we find ourselves in the light of supreme awareness, much closer to the divine within us than we have ever been. There is no other supreme enlightenment. All there is is this beautiful dance. It is this process of residing in the realm of supreme awareness that brings us close to our divine nature.

Occasionally, we may become more inclined towards selfing. That huge amount money that we made or that big title that we acquired or something else along these lines may push us in this direction. We feel pride and comfort and security within the realm of the self. But this kind of comfort also brings fear and insecurity with it. Fear and insecurity about losing the money or the title or the status. Do not eat this comfort food offered by selfing. Get into the supreme organic green spiritual movement right now.

Most people, sadly, are always involved in the process of selfing every day of their lives. They are always living in unawareness, fear, pain, insecurity.

I devoured chapter # 7 of Anam Thubten’s Magic of Awareness. What I wrote here is my summary of his teachings in this chapter in my own words. As someone who has been finding herself in this beautiful dance between selfing and unselfing more often than ever in my life and as someone who has lived most of her life (until a couple of years ago) unselfing, it is a not a surprise why these teachings resonated with me so much. Simply beautiful!

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