The premise behind Conscious Parenting…

This is definitely the basic premise behind my own parenting. Over the years, I have observed many parents doubt their child’s intentions and try to impose their authority and control over the child in every situation. I found this very confusing. If a parent does not trust the child 100% and believe in their inherent goodness, then who else will? How can that child be expected to grow up into an emotionally healthy and well-rounded adult without anyone trusting them fully? This style of parenting never made sense to me.

In my heart, I always believed that children want to do the right thing, if they are capable of doing so. They are wired in to impress their parents, to make them happy, which is precisely the reason why they can be easily abused by the parents.

I will admit that I made mistakes in the past in this area. But that was because I was unsure of my own parenting skills and chose to listen to someone else. As a mother of three, I am now more confident than ever about my own parenting skills. I don’t make that mistake anymore. In fact, I extend this premise to the adults that I deal with in my daily life also. I always assume best intentions from everyone I encounter, children or adults. Most people think this is being naive but it is not. It is living authentically, intelligently, compassionately, courageously and whole heartedly. I believe that the way a person treats others is a reflection of the way they treat themselves. I also believe that a person is a person, no matter how small. There, I said my piece. Amen.

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