Strong is the new pretty by Kate T. Parker

I bought this book for my ten year old daughter on a whim. I had some credits accumulated at the bookstore that I needed to use and I decided to use them this way. This book has photographs of girls anywhere from ages 5 to 18 who are breaking the societal norms and carving their own way by embracing themselves fully. There are pictures of girls performing martial arts moves, playing soccer, competing in triathlons, playing guitar, playing dress up, baking, writing, jumping wildly in the rain and much more, along with short inspiring messages through out the book. My daughter enjoyed flipping through this book. She finished it all in one sitting. I am determined to fill my daughter with so much confidence in herself and her abilities that she is able to embrace herself fully and by doing so I hope she is able own the world some day. This book is one attempt from me in that direction. I also intend to show these pictures to my boys so that they don’t confine their minds by subscribing to gender stereotypes. Instead I would like all three of my kids to open up their minds fully and live creatively.

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