A stroll in the neighborhood…

One has to stop and admire the flowers ❤️ One of my boys likes to take his time observing everything in his surroundings while the other one is super competitive and likes to be number one in everything. Yesterday we went for a walk in our neighborhood and both boys got their spin bikes. They got into an argument about who should be leading the walk. We reached an agreement that I will set the timer on my phone for 5 mins and every time it goes off the boys will switch turns leading. When it was my youngest’s (he is a minute younger than his twin brother) turn to lead he was in no rush to go anywhere. He stopped to observe flowers, bugs, helicopters, fire hydrants, etc. His twin brother got frustrated, broke the rules and overtook him. He complained about that for a bit but then he quickly got over it and decided to find different kinds of leaves for me and him 😃It’s amazing how they came wired in with their own personalities! It is simple everyday moments like these that make me realize yet again the enormous responsibility on my shoulders to become the parent that each of my children needs, to love them unconditionally, to accept them fully just the way they are without trying to mold them and to help them reach their full potential. I have my work cut out for the rest of my life ❤️

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