Reading love…

I can read while sitting

I can read while standing

I can read while walking

I can read while cooking

I can read while waiting

I can read while lying down

I can read while driving (audio books)

I can read while jogging (on the treadmill)

I can read while striding (on the elliptical)

I can read while kids are taking long baths

I can read while my kids surprise me by playing on their own

I can read while kids are doing acrobatics in my lap

I can read when kids are snuggled up with me on the couch, their legs intertwined with mine, watching their weekly quota of television

I can read here or there

I can read anywhere

People often ask me how do I manage to read so much. I smile and say “because reading is my passion”.

I am no poet but this poem came to me randomly one day as I was reading a Dr Suess’s book to my three year olds. I wrote it down and shared it with my daughter. She helped me edit it. She still does not quite like it but I decided to go ahead and share it anyways. My point is not to display my writing skills but to show the world that when you are passionate about some thing you will figure out how to make time for it, no matter what the circumstances are.

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