Book Review (partial): The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio…

I got this book for 50 cents at our annual library book sale. It has water damage but it is a perfectly readable copy. It’s been in my TBR pile for a few months now. I picked it up on a whim recently and started reading it at night before going to bed. It is the story of a mother who raised 10 kids in Defiance, Ohio back in the 1950’s when women were not allowed to work outside their homes. She couldn’t drive, her husband was an alcoholic and they were poor. Yet, this woman’s positive attitude towards life even while going through the direst of circumstances is what helped the children survive and thrive. She enjoyed poetry so she participated in contests, writing jingles for various household products. She started winning these contests and eventually this became another source of income for the family. It is not a great read as such because the writing is very dry in many places but the story is inspiring. First of all, it puts things into perspective for all of us mothers and parents out there. If a woman can raise 10 children on her own without any support – financial, emotional or any other kind – and still maintain a positive outlook towards life then we can all work towards developing the same positive attitude as well. It also teaches you that all of us should follow that calling within us because that is what keeps us on the path of happiness and contentment no matter what the external circumstances are. Then there is also this lesson that no matter what situation you are in, it is only as good or as bad as you interpret it in your own mind (mind training). I am liking this so far although I an finding myself skipping a few paragraphs here and there because I am not enjoying the writing style as much.

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