Book review: No Self No Problem by Anam Thubten

Finished listening to this beautiful book yesterday. I savored every line of it. I have shared several quotes from this book here on my page over the past couple of weeks. Just wanted to summarize my key learnings from this book: -When you let go of the concept of “I” (I am good of I am bad or I am intelligent or something else), then and only then are we on the path to discovering the real truth. Ego is the cause of many problems in our lives so it makes sense to me that letting go of ego is the path to inner peace.

-The highest form of prayer involves a true offering of thoughts. When we offer our thoughts whole heartedly then we get rid of the layers of conditioning and beliefs accumulated in our minds and get in touch with our true nature.

-Worship the divine inside you which is your true nature. Your true nature is always compassionate, loving, accepting and happy.

-Karma is nothing but thoughts. Samsara is nothing but thoughts. By being aware of your thoughts and sitting with them without reacting one can break the cycle of karma.

-Aspire to meditate 108 times in a day. If that is hard to accomplish start with 2 times a day and build it up slowly. The point is to pause and reflect constantly in our daily lives.

-Spiritual highs can be attained by visiting a place of worship or performing rituals, etc. but they come and go, they don’t last forever. Transcendant Wisdom (prajna paramita) can only by obtained by getting rid of all illusions.

-Being in a spiritual path involves inquiring within on a regular basis. It means not accepting anything without true inquiry into our consciousness. It is liberating. It is enlightening.

I already started listening to Anam Thubten’s “Magic of Awareness”. I got it for $1.99 on Audible. I will read every book that this man has ever written because my heart leaps with joy when I listen to his teachings.

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