Non fictions books: Latest Library Haul…

Non-fiction books from our latest library haul…I asked the boys what they would like to learn about before I made the trip to the library. One of them wanted to learn about elephants and the other one wanted to learn about trucks. Luckily this is one area where I can give them full freedom to choose and be confident that I can fulfill their wishes because our library has tons of books on various subjects 😃 I picked up quite a few Learning Ladders books this time around. I took a subscription for the National Geographic Little Kids magazine recently and the boys are loving these magazines. So I picked up a couple of National Geographic magazines. Apart from trucks and elephants, I chose a few books for them about the parts of their bodies, introduction to various professions, etc. We read the Learning Ladders trucks book (not in this picture) a couple of times already and one of the boys took it to bed with him last night ❤️

I will write another post soon about the picture books and story books that we checked out yesterday. We checked out a total of 29 books including 6 books that my ten year old checked out for herself. I would need to take a suitcase with me from here on 😃

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