Uncomfortable 3 year old questions…

I ordered this book on amazon after I was randomly bombarded with questions about girls vs boys bodies coming from my 3 yr old twin boys. I want to position myself as an askable parent in the long run so I don’t flinch when my kids ask questions that make me feel uncomfortable. I understand that they are just curious and I fully own the discomfort that I experience from their questions. If I am not prepared to answer them right away I will tell them that this is a very important question, that I need to think about it and get back to them. This was one topic that fell into that area. When one of my twin boys got really curious about girls vs boys bodies I answered his questions honestly in an age appropriate manner. Then I rolled my sleeves up and searched the internet for book recommendations. That is how I found this book. We read it a couple of days ago and the boys had so many questions that it took us a little while to finish it. But that was expected. This book has pictures and simple text to explain the differences in an honest but age appropriate manner. I haven’t gotten any more questions about this topic again since then. Mission accomplished!

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