Samsara: No Self No Problem by Anam Thubten

We are all imprisoned in our own minds by our thoughts which are a result of years of conditioning. Only when we become aware of this truth and start digging in through our thought patterns that have accumulated in our minds over the years, only then we will begin to experience the truth. And experiencing the truth is liberating. It frees our minds. A free mind brings us closer to our happy being. And a happy being radiates positive energy into the world. It takes courage to do this because as humans we have a need to fit in and this path takes us away from the societal and cultural conventions. The price is high, the reward is precious. It is empowering to know that all you need to be truly happy and liberated is within you. You begin to experience true inner peace only when you stop looking externally for answers and turn inwards instead. Still savoring every line in this beautiful book by Anam Thubten ❤️

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