My little budding/thoughtful baker…

With three kids and 3 year old twins for that matter, 1:1 time with my daughter is very hard for me to make room for. Occasionally things fall into place and it just happens. Yesterday was one of those days. I was thinking about reading aloud with her or painting on canvas or doing a dot art project with her. She is into baking these days and talks fondly about opening up her own bakery some day. I am not a baker by any means. But yesterday when I asked her what she would like to do with the time that she had with me, she said she would like to bake. She also said that she would like to make cookies for our family friend whose husband is recovering from a major accident. I pushed all my agendas aside, took her shopping for the ingredients and even though I couldn’t bake, I helped her with the clean up while she baked. More importantly I made every effort possible to be fully present with her. She made these delicious cookies and a snicker doodle cookie cake. She is 10 years old ❤️

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