My Spiritual Awakening…

I am savoring every line in Anam Tubten’s book: No Self, No Doubt. This is the first time that I am listening to his teachings and I am filled with joy. I am listening to the same chapters repeatedly and taking notes along the way to fully incorporate the concepts and teachings into my brain. I am excited to find out that there are a couple more books written by him that are equally good, if not more.

These lines resonated with me a lot. I was raised in a culture that has become outdated in many aspects and yet I was conditioned since childhood to uphold those outdated cultural and religious values without questioning them. As an adult and a mother, when I started considering teaching those values to my children, I did not want to blindly pass them on to them. I decided to analyze each of them, their origins, the reasons behind them, etc on my own and figure out what makes sense to me in the current world while boldly tossing out what doesn’t make sense to me. I started reading religious texts and history books to get to the bottom of this. This process of defining my own set of values set me off on my own spiritual path. I found inner peace, true happiness and contentment on this path. I am not bound by the religious and cultural barriers anymore. In my mind I am completely free, there are no barriers. This is truly liberating, enriching and empowering. I stood alone and I often still stand alone on this path. But I never felt lonely. I am lucky to have found this enlightening and enriching path in my life. I am a better person overall because of this.

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