Daily Wisdom

This book (title in pic) has short inspiring stories filled with Ajahn Brahm’s wisdom. The title comes from the premise that you come home one day to find out that some body dumped a truck load of dung in front of your house. You get angry and try to find the culprit but that doesn’t work. After some time your anger hopefully goes down, you accept the situation and you start thinking about how to deal with it. You come up with a plan and every day you spend a few mins toiling in the hot sun to move the dung to the back of your house where your garden is. After several days, the pile of dung in front of your house disappears completely. After a few more days the garden behind your house is filled with flowers and their sweet fragrances which your neighbors also enjoy. This is the essence of this wonderful book. Some stories didn’t quite gel with me but overall this has been a good read so far. The best part is some of these stories can be read aloud to middle grade children.

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